Part-Time Executive Director Opening

Job Description

Executive Director, Monroe County Democratic Party


About MCDP: The Monroe County Democratic Party (MCDP) is a countywide political party that works to elect Democratic candidates and elevate Democratic ideals in South Central Indiana.  Our executive committee is composed of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer who are elected by a 161 member central committee.  Additionally, there are between four and six Deputy Chairs who are appointed by the chair to manage specific aspects of the Party operation.   

Executive Director: MCDP is seeking a part-time Executive Director to manage the day-to- day operations of the organization.  The Director will be responsible for carrying out the organization’s fundraising goals, assisting Party officers and Deputy chairs in executing the Party’s strategic objectives, coordinating activities for MCDP’s Democracy Lab (a multi-organization coordinating body housed with MCDP headquarters), and managing a team of interns and volunteers.

Required Qualifications:  The Executive Director must have a passion for political engagement and a commitment to the ideals of the Democratic Party. The ED must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in managing political campaigns or working for political organizations aligned with the Democratic Party.

The director must have strong written and oral communications skills as well as the ability to tactfully and respectfully interact with a broad array of individuals and organizations. Further, the director must be able to work independently, organize and prioritize tasks and projects, and meet routine deadlines.

Preferred Qualifications: Strong knowledge of local, state, and national politics, an experience developing and managing budgets, and a familiarity with Nation Builder and VAN (Voter Activation Network).

Salary: Depending on Experience

Commitment: ~25 hours/week

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to

Resource Guide for City Council At-Large Caucus

Here you will find links to candidate forums, articles, and statements from the candidates running in the caucus for City Council At-Large

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6 Democrats vie for open city council seat

Herald-TimesSix Bloomington Democrats are hoping to fill the vacancy on the city council following the retirement of a veteran council member last month.

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Democracy Lab

Democracy Lab:

A Project of the Monroe County Democratic Party of Indiana

Our Challenge

The 2016 election made one thing clear: the Democratic Party must develop stronger relationships with progressive groups that are working toward shared goals. These organizations, responding to threats to basic rights and values, represent an activist energy that’s challenging the conservative ascendancy in Washington DC and many state capitals. But many groups are skeptical of traditional political parties and organizing. To be successful in realizing the progressive agenda -- in the ‘18 midterms and beyond -- building trust and learning from and supporting the work of these activist organizations is critical. To that end, the Monroe County Democratic Party has launched the DEMOCRACY LAB.

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Celebrating Pride Month


In the United States, June is observed as LGBT Pride month. LGBT pride celebrations and parades are held around the world in an effort to defy the stigmatization and sometimes criminalization and persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and to advocate for equality for people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Yet some people question why we need a Pride month, or pride parades, especially now that marriage equality is the law of the land. But our history and our current political and cultural atmosphere indicate there is still a need for pride celebrations.

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Democrats Launch Door to Door “Listening Tour”

Democrats Launch Door to Door “Listening Tour”

Volunteers for “Your Voice Matters” campaign will canvass neighborhoods to hear voters’ concerns

Bloomington – With no elections in 2017, there are no candidates to promote or races to win. However, Democrats will be going door to door to lend an ear to voters who want to express concerns about local, state, and national issues.  Volunteers for the Monroe County Democratic Party’s “Your Voice Matters” campaign will reach out to members of their community to ask “What do you want from your government?”

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Local Dems, Elected Officials Decry Trump's "disastrous" pullout from Climate Pact

MCDP chair Mark Fraley, along with John Hamilton for Mayor, Susan Sandberg for Bloomington City Council Ryan Cobine for Monroe County Council and Julie Thomas for Monroe County Commissioner spoke against President Trumps decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

The Last Roll Call


The last Monday of May in the US, we remember those who have died in service to our country. This particular tradition as a federal holiday dates back to the Civil War, but the practice of honoring warriors is ancient. Roman Soldiers (and Romans in general) embraced the value of pietas (virtue or duty to country), and it was up to surviving soldiers of a battle to honor the fallen by cremating them and bringing their ashes back home. Today those traditions carry on with perhaps more pomp and circumstance than the Romans, but the feelings they evoke remain the same: Duty, Honor, Country.

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Local Democrats Decry Gov. Holcomb’s signing of “Anti-Solar” Bill

Legislation threatens Hoosier jobs and undermines local progress on innovation and sustainability, group says

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Local Democrats Oppose State House Overreach

The Indiana State House caps off its legislative session by targeting Bloomington

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