Letters to the Editor Supporting Penny Githens

Consider these positions (HT: 4/26/18)

The negative effect of large amounts of money in our elections is eroding our democracy. The decision by the U. S. Supreme Court in Citizens United (2010) has resulted in gluttony of money to essentially buy those representing us in Congress and statehouses. This decision gave corporations the same rights as people and declared that money equals speech.

Reverse Citizens United of Monroe County asked local candidates their positions on this controversial decision.

The following candidates responded that they did not agree with the Citizens United decision and support a constitutional amendment to overturn it. Further, they support regulations to make campaign contributions limited and transparent.

• Joe Donnelly, D, U.S. Senate candidate

• Dan Canon, D, U.S. House candidate for District 9

• Rob Chatlos, D, U.S. House candidate for District 9

• Liz Watson, D, U.S, House candidate for District 9

• Penny Githens, D, state representative candidate for District 46

• Matt Pierce, D, state representative candidate for District 61

• James Alspach, R, candidate for U.S. House District 9, does not support a constitutional amendment, but does support regulations to limit campaign contributions and make them transparent.

Please consider the positions of these candidates when you vote.

Doug Davis,
Reverse Citizens United of Monroe County



Need more like Githens (HT: 6/25/18)

This letter is in support of Penny Githens as a candidate for the Indiana General Assembly in District 60. I have known her for almost 20 years. Penny is a bright, energetic and hard-working young woman with degrees in science and educational psychology.

After becoming interested in running for office due to disagreements with legislative action, especially on privatization of schools, she has attended meetings and rallies in this gerrymandered district to seek opinions of its citizens and to speak out on her education views.

As a mother of an autistic young man, she has long been involved in local school issues. She feels that vouchers and charter schools hurt public schools financially; and that such schools have not proved to be equal or better than current public schools. Such schools often have fewer licensed teachers, less specialized services and inadequate lunch programs.

Public schools need more monies in order to adequately provide services for special needs and for increased preschool programs. Penny will be a strong, new voice for our citizens, making policy decisions based on facts and research. The Indiana legislators need more women who are as bright and articulate as Penny Githens.

Shirley Fitzgibbons



Participate in forums (HT: 8/3/18)

Regarding the Indiana state representative from District 60, my friends and I challenge Peggy Mayfield to participate in all public forums. We know what platform Penny Githens stands on:

Penny will work hard for Hoosiers to have a living wage. She will listen to businesses about their hiring needs, promote apprenticeships for high school students and hire Hoosiers for state infrastructure projects.

Penny will restore common sense to public education, including fully funding public schools, teaching to the child instead of to the test and funding quality pre-K programs for all 4-year-olds.

Penny will work to create more opioid treatment centers, increase the number of doctors and therapists and address addiction as a public-health issue.

Penny has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and math education from Purdue and a master’s degree in educational psychology from IU. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya. She’s been an advocate in the Bloomington and Indiana autism societies. She volunteers with special-needs students through the Monroe County YMCA, and she’s a CASA volunteer.

Improving Indiana’s future is Penny’s priority. Peggy Mayfield must tell Hoosiers her plans for our future.

Robert Eakle





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