Letters to the Editor Supporting Darcie Fawcett

Vote for Fawcett (HT: 3/10/18)

Primary elections are fast approaching, and I voice my whole-hearted support for Darcie Fawcett for Monroe Circuit Judge, Division 9, Seat 8 (an open seat). I have known Darcie for several years and am impressed with her deep belief in the fair application of the law to provide equality of justice to all.

Darcie is engaged in her community, where I have seen and admired firsthand her dedication as a neighborhood association president as well as PTO president for Fairview Elementary School. She has served for over a decade as a felony deputy prosecutor on some of the most serious felony abuse cases, where she always strives to serve the law fairly and impartially.

Her courtroom experience gives her perspective on how to administer a courtroom where all are treated equitably under the law. She also understands how decisions from the bench affect not just victim and accused, but their families, workplaces, schools, etc.

We have a long ballot in this primary election, but I hope you take the time on Tuesday, May 8, to vote for Darcie Fawcett for Monroe Circuit Judge, Division 9, Seat 8. For more information on Darcie’s platform, please visit fawcettforjudge.com. Thank you!

Richard Lewis



Fawcett has experience (HT: 3/16/18)

Darcie Fawcett is my neighbor. I’ve seen her in her role as an impressive single mother to two daughters and neighborhood leader. But she is so much more. For more than a decade, Fawcett has served as a prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience.

Fawcett attended the IU School of Law from 2001-2004. As a deputy prosecutor in Marion and Monroe County, she has handled thousands of cases that ranged from public intoxication to murder. After graduating from the University of Wisconson, she was a teacher in three urban school districts: first in Bangkok, Thailand, and then in Chicago Public Schools, and finally in Indianapolis Public Schools.

The diversity of her experience as a teacher in underserved communities, a mother, a community leader and a tough but fair prosecutor has given her a broad and deeply personal understanding of community members of all incomes and backgrounds. She would make an exceptional judge

Chris Sturbaum



Vote for Fawcett (HT: 3/30/18)

I’m writing to support Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Judge.

Darcie is well-known in our neighborhood for her dedication to public service — this is how I first came in contact with her. She leads our neighborhood association in Prospect Hill and is also president of the Fairview PTO.

As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve learned that this commitment to civic engagement above and beyond what is strictly required by her (demanding) job has been a hallmark of her career, and is a good indication of her compassionate and caring character.

This unusual level of engagement and connection to her community means that she has been a better deputy prosecutor and will be a better judge. I deeply admire her commitment to a judicial philosophy that encourages the development of a coordinated strategy to address the unique situations and needs of individuals coming before the court.

Working with other agencies and service-providers places individuals in crisis in a much better position to move out and beyond the courtroom, with the support and encouragement of their community.

Please join me in voting for Darcie Fawcett for Judge!

Rachel Guglielmo



Fawcett endorsed (HT: 4/5/18)

Darcie Fawcett’s professional and community experiences and high moral character are why she has my vote for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge.

With nearly 15 years of daily courtroom experience as a deputy prosecutor, Darcie has developed a deep knowledge of complex legal issues. She has conducted multifaceted trials and hundreds of courtroom hearings. And she knows how to effectively communicate with law enforcement officers, defense counsel, judges, victims and the public while advocating on behalf of the State of Indiana.

As a community leader, Darcie has worked with and in a myriad of projects that affect our community. From president of the Fairview Elementary PTO to board member of the Urban Enterprise Association, Darcie understands our community’s values.

What makes Darcie’s candidacy for judge most compelling, however, is that she approaches justice with an emphasis on community safety and holding offenders accountable while maintaining empathy. There is a delicate balance, and she grasps that. Her perspective will translate beautifully to the bench.

For these reasons, I highly endorse Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge. Please visit www.fawcettforjudge.com for more information.

Allison Chopra



Fawcett is engaged (HT: 4/19/18)

I ask people to vote for Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Court, Seat 8. Darcie is experienced, equitable and engaged. As a deputy prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office, Darcie has had weekly experience in the courtroom for over a decade, and she has worked with all departments within the court system.

She has prosecuted many kinds of cases with an eye toward fair treatment for those involved. She has experience with problem-solving courts, such as the drug treatment court. I believe she would be an excellent judge because of this range of experience in the courtroom and in the justice system.

I know Darcie through her involvement in the community. She is the president of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association and president of the Fairview Parent Teacher Organization. I have seen her leadership in both organizations. She is patient and involves others in programs and activities, yet she is decisive when needed.

In short, I encourage people to vote for Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Court. She has experience, she will work for equitable outcomes for the involved parties, and she is engaged in the community.

Glenda Murray



Fawcett is best choice (HT: 4/19/18)

Monroe County voters will choose three new judges this year, and Darcie Fawcett is the best choice for Monroe Circuit Court, Seat 8.

She has served as a deputy prosecuting attorney, handing hundreds of cases with sensitivity and intelligence. Her work in the justice system reflects a careful consideration of laws and constitutional principles and genuine respect for those appearing in the courtroom.

We need judges who understand the day-to-day pressures on community members and have an appreciation for their concerns. Darcie will be such a judge. Before law school, she was a public school teacher in Chicago and Indianapolis, and her work there has informed her perspective on the important of justice for all.

Her engagement with Monroe County is extensive. She is president of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association and president of the Fairview Elementary PTO. For a more complete list, please visit fawcettforjudge.com.

Her experience in the justice system, her engagement in our community and her commitment to justice and respect for all will make her an outstanding addition to our trial court. I urge you to vote for Darcie Fawcett of the Monroe Circuit Court, Seat 8.

Elizabeth Mann



Fawcett prepared to serve as judge (HT: 4/27/18)

I am proud to support Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, Seat 8.

Darcie has the experience and dedication to justice that is required to be an effective and equitable judge. She is a skilled prosecutor who has demonstrated integrity in her work seeking justice for victims of crime and accountability for offenders.

A true public servant, Darcie is engaged with diverse groups of community members, from her ongoing work with parents and staff at Fairview Elementary School as PTO chair, to her participation and leadership on community boards such as the Monroe County Human Rights Commission, the Bloomington Northside Exchange Club and the Hospital Site Reutilization Steering Committee, to name a few.

Darcie rolls up her sleeves, gets to work, and we’re the better for it. On the bench, she will face decisions that have the potential to seriously impact our community as well as the individuals involved. Darcie has a deep respect for this responsibility, and, just as profoundly, for our community. Please join me in voting for Darcie Fawcett for judge.

Lara Weaver



Fawcett ideal for judge (HT: 5/2/18)

I would like to show my support for Darcie Fawcett for Monroe County Circuit Court judge, Seat 8. In her professional and personal life, Darcie has displayed a passion and a concern for this community and its citizens, making her an ideal fit for this important role.

Professionally, she has developed a reputation of the highest character and integrity while working as a felony deputy prosecutor in the Monroe County Prosecutor’s office. With 10-plus years of experience in the courtroom, she’s worked to ensure fair treatment for all under the law and to hold offenders accountable.

Outside of the courtroom, she has an equally long track record of working to make her communities better. A former public school teacher in both Chicago and Indianapolis, she’s the current president of both the Fairview Elementary PTO and of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association.

She’s managed to handle those responsibilities while also excelling in her most important role as a single mother.

As we continue to strive to make our community better, I believe Darcie Fawcett has shown choosing her to serve as Circuit Court Judge would be a great step in our efforts to make that happen.

John Decker


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