Letter to the editor: Evelyn Crowe

Letter: Behind the scenes

To the editor:

Hans Huffman is a candidate for Treasurer of Monroe County in the May Primary. As a longtime volunteer for the Monroe County Democrats, I have worked with many volunteers in support of our Democratic candidates. While serving as treasurer for the party, Hans was always willing to show up when a fair booth volunteer was needed or a festival booth needed set up etc. He was always willing to do the “behind the scenes” work that often goes unnoticed. I was always amazed at how much he accomplished, while still keeping up with all of the many duties as the party’s treasurer. He has brought that same work ethic to the Monroe County Treasurer’s Office. He has served as Chief Deputy in the Treasurer’s office for 7 years and had to take on extra duties after a position from that office was cut. He helped to make the office more efficient while dealing with the loss of that position. Yet, he was always gracious and helpful when the public came to the office with questions. That is why I am supporting him for the position of Treasurer of Monroe County.

Evelyn Crowe


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