Chamber of Commerce Questionnaire: Hans Huffman

How do you view the state of the county’s revenue and financial situations and where can improvements be made?

Since 2009, there have been several changes at the state level that have had an impact on revenue streams at the local level. Property tax caps, the elimination of the inheritance tax, and changes to business personal property taxes have had a significant effect our revenue. Monroe County has weathered these changes better than many counties by relying on a “rainy day fund” that is nearing exhaustion. Finding new revenue sources, while working to reduce costs, is the balanced approach Monroe County must take to continue providing services, and every county department has apart to play. As manager of the county’s investments, I have helped by increasing investment income each year. As Treasurer, I will work with our banking partners to continue this trend. 

What is the single most important issue you see that the Treasurer’s office needs to address, and how will you resolve it? 

I believe the biggest challenge facing the Treasurer’s Office, as well as all of County Government, is how to continue providing the current or increased level of service to our residents using fewer resources. Like any other business, government is only as good as the people involved. Attracting talented workers, providing training and retaining those employees is essential. Over the last seven years, the Treasurer’s office has worked as a team to assist taxpayers. By keeping this team intact and taking greater advantage of electronic and online resources, I will ensure that we continue to meet every taxpayer’s needs. This will also help reduce costs and lead to a more environmentally efficient office. 

What are your qualifications to serve as the treasurer of the county?

I am currently Chief Deputy Treasurer, and a member of the Indiana County Treasurer’s Association serving on the Legislative Committee. I began as a Deputy Treasurer, taking payments and assisting taxpayers, so I know the office from the ground up. I manage the County’s bank accounts and investments that often exceed $100,000,000. I coordinate tax collections, serve as a liaison to the county council and Board of Commissioners, and provide support for the employees of the Treasurer’s Office. Prior to joining County Government, I was a small business owner. Born and raised in Monroe County, I was taught to have a heart for service and a collaborative spirit. I believe in a team approach to accomplish tasks and provide quality services for Monroe County’s residents.

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