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    Welcome from the Chair!

    Hello Fellow Democrats, 

    This is an extraordinary moment in American public life. 

    After the tragedy of the 2016 elections, Democrats have engaged in a renewed effort to organize volunteers, harness new civic organizations, and create the political infrastructure to rebuild our democracy from the bottom up.  In 2017, grassroots activists pushed back against the abuses of the Trump administration by electing strong Democratic leaders in Virginia and Alabama.  What’s more, we have seen more people signing up to run for office on the local level, reshaping American politics from the city council to the senate.

    We need to carry this momentum into 2018 and beyond!

    The mid-term elections presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to turn the sparks of the resistance into the first fires of a Democratic resurgence.  More than ever, we need you to volunteer.  We need good folks to make contributions, no matter how small, to strengthen our coalition of community allies.

    We have a huge wind in our backs nationally, but a large weight on our shoulders locally.   Our ability to keep Indiana’s Senate seat in Democratic hands and to reclaim the 9th congressional district, will be a function of our ability to turn out huge in our local Democratic community.  We need you to be all in!

    Sign up today to volunteer, donate, and serve your local Democratic Party.



    Mark Fraley

    Chairman, Monroe County Democratic Party 







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    Thanks to all our Volunteers!  All the candidates are grateful for your support and hard work! Become a volunteer

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    Check out Monroe County Democratic Party. I just joined.

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Jerry Burton

Jerry Burton